Friday, February 5, 2010


It's here! That's right, the beautiful, black, functional, bigger-than-our-livingroom-tv laptop is here! YAYAYAY!!! And Alan from Smartie Computers even managed to transfer my favorites from Explorer from the old laptop to the new one! YAYAAYAYAYAY!!!!

It's an HP Pavillion. I LOOOOVE it!!!!!

In other news, the "launch" meeting for Psychic Tarot (official title) was this last Tuesday. They have a cover concept that I am excited to see (they were going back and forth between two different Llewellyn/Lo Scarabeo decks), and as far as I know we're to have updates on the book back to them by May (which I can now work on because of the wonderful, wonderful laptop!).

No updates on Stock Cars yet. The first wave of the series (Full Throttle by Capstone) is on now. I'm sure Stock Cars will follow shortly with the 2nd wave.

I'm going to be teaching Creative Writing and Tarot (2 different classes) through Hastings Community Education starting this March. I'm very excited!

And, Shaula made her 50 by the 5th goal for the 2010 Hat Project!!! Way to go!!!


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