Monday, September 27, 2010

Pre-Order, Anyone?

That's right, it's official. You can actually pre-order Psychic Tarot on (as well as and and some websites I haven't even heard of .com and, of course, on - right from the publisher), but there is just something so enchanting about seeing yourself on I dunno what it is. Oh wait, yes I do. It's that sometimes I have to go there just to remind myself hey-you're really a writer. That's your job.

Stock Cars is also out and looking fabulous! Capstone does such a nice job and I love doing the Hi-Lo books. I just think if one kid decides reading isn't so bad because there's a book out there that doesn't intimidate him/her or talk down to him/her, it could lead to so many other great big wonderful and imaginative worlds that they might just get up the courage to explore.

In other news, I am wrapping up Black Mambas and Boa Constrictors (which I am sure will also look so completely awesome!).

My Uncle Mick's book (that I was completely psyched he let me pre-read and help edit!) also just came out - Riding the White Line: Pedestrian Crossings. I think he ultimately envisions a three-book series, and I really can't wait. He met the neatest people on his charity rides, and I think it's such a lovely book. I just checked - and it's also available on!

The History of Hastings Family Service book will also be out soon (I'm helping with the editing a little). That one's also in its final stages, and is fascinating reading. I have mad deep respect to Chris Koop and Lew Linde for gathering all that information together and making it into a truly enjoyable read. I don't know how they plan to distribute it, but I really hope it does well. It's informative and uplifting and really reflects the giving spirit of our community.

In other, other news, I think some of you may recall that I used to be a novelist. I know, hard to remember back that far, huh? Well, I've finally decided to get off my duffer and work the contests/agents gamut again. As exciting and unexpected as the nonfiction market has been for me, I would like to try to get a novel published. Especially since I happen to have one or two done, taking up space on my laptop - like 35-year-old jobless children still living at home. That's really how it feels sometimes. You catch the file out of the corner of your eye while you're looking for something else, frown a little, and say, "Shouldn't you be working?"

To that end, the infamous Once Bitten is being submitted for the Golden Hearts award. I'm keeping an open mind. The vampire wave in adult fiction as crested, the tide has gone back out, that sea is dead, whatever you'd like to call it. But, I still have this novel loafing around, eating my Doritos and leaving the toilet seat up. Get a job, you lazy bum!

And, of course, I am still poking at the old projects and starting some new ones (which, I have discovered, I've been doing since I was, oh, ten. I have files and files of dot matrix printer paper filled with one- to five-page bits and pieces and odds and ends down in the basement. When I look at them, I either wonder what I was thinking or why I didn't continue).

I am just so excited about Psychic Tarot! I know it's going to be such a wonderful resource for so many people. It may be one of the most important projects I have ever or will ever be involved with and I am just still so happy Nancy asked me to do it with her.

I have to go look at again. :)