Saturday, February 5, 2011


I just got done with my very first magazine interview with Nance. It was very pleasant. I was really excited to share about the book and its ideas, and isn't that just the way it should be? Nance and I were very in synch.

Thanks to my brother's fiance, Laurie, I did not look like a total shlep. I actually looked very nice. In fact, I will admit to rocking a little "Doncha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" in my head. I haven't work make-up in a good... long... time. You'd have thought it was Christmas when I walked into Bare Essentials last weekend and said to the lovely attendant and make-up specialist: "I have two friends who really like your products. I haven't gotten new make-up in four years. Help!" I think I made her day. Unfortunately, when I got home, I was not so good at making the nifty purple crease design that she did. And then, as though a page had gone out on the psychic network, Laurie appeared at my door and fixed it.

I've decided the hardest part of writing is not the writing. It's not even finding the time to write or dealing with being blocked or burned out. It is publicity. If you're wondering where they real, roll up your sleeves, dig in, this is going to get messy part of writing comes in, it is in publicity. Calling bookstores. Getting nice clothes (if you, um, perhaps have become a bit too comfy with a jeans & cotton shirt wardrobe). Blogging. Being present in forums. Telling everyone you know your book is coming out. Planning. And scheduling. And deciding what events to go to and what not. Plugging the book E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. This, this is the real work.

Tomorrow, I read Tarot cards on a podcast with Dax of the Tarot Guild. Nance and I will both be there. I'm excited, and will post a link here once it's done. I am just... so... completely... blown away... by how little I knew about what is turning out to be the second-most important thing of writing a book. This is a good, if grueling, experience for me.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Promotion Pooped!

I. Am. So Tired. Of Book Promotion. And it the book hasn't even been officially released yet!

Seriously, if anyone tells you writing is hard, ask them if they've ever published something they had to promote. Then ask them what the hardest part of being a writer is.

I am excited. But I am EXHAUSTED!