Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Here!

Two copies of Psychic Tarot arrived at my house today! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Signings & Marketing & More Stuff I Don't Have a Grasp Of

So, now I'm a writer. Okay, I've always been a writer and I've been published for some time now, but now I'm a writer with a book that actually requires more from me than - well - writing.

We will be doing a book signing at the Har Mar (February 8th) and hopefully at Eye of Horus (mad love to Eye of Horus!!! I love that store. February 20th, but not all worked out yet). There are also podcasts and classes and a party and my oh my oh my!

It's the moment I've prepared for, taken classes for, did 2 advanced graduate classes in college to make sure I was ready..........

....... in the world of fiction. Specifically in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I am even reasonably prepared for a career in Romance. Nonfiction? *cricket chirp* And the more opportunities and situations and questions that keep popping up, the less I find out I know. Do I know any nonfiction reviewers, bloggers, podcasters, groups, websites? Not a one. Tarot? Some, but not nearly enough to be more helpful than Nancy, who has a strong footing in the Tarot world. I almost feel as though I've been caught with my pants down. Years, and years, and years of classes, beyond college, advanced college. And the first book I actually need to be involved in the promotion of turns out to be nonfiction.

Man plans. God laughs.

I honestly do find this funny. Inside, I am laughing my behind off at my own hubris. I was ready. I was totally ready. I was ready - for anything but this.

Oddly enough, when, and I do mean when, I publish my first novel, or even a handful of them, I can't say I will feel I have done something half as important as I feel I've done by being involved with Psychic Tarot. That's just God's honest truth. I enjoy writing novels. But a true fire of purpose, the idea that I could have helped change the face of something, perhaps even a small corner of the world? That's heavy.

Makes me wish I had put a little effort into researching the nonfiction market. But then, to every thing there is a purpose. Perhaps my first steps are meant to be uncertain. In any case, I am excited to learn.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Busy New Year!

Er, I mean, Happy New Year!

Actually, "busy" is more apt. I have been quite fortunate this year on the writing front. Psychic Tarot comes out from Llewellyn this February 8th (Nance & I are working on book signing engagements, etc). For Capstone, I am in various stages of progress on four books for their Edge Books "Snakes" series:

Black Mambas - Should be going to a reviewer any minute now, and then I will see it in layout.

Boa Constrictors - I am in round 3 of edits.

Copperheads - Just delivered the first draft last week.

Corn Snakes - First draft due in January 15th.

I am very excited about all the books and feel blessed to be given the opportunity to write them.

And that's how things stand at my New Year. Hope 2011 is a fantastic year for everyone!