Friday, January 11, 2008

How to Know a Book was Written by Me

Lyda posted this on her website, and I thought it was cool. You're supposed to post ten things that show a book was written by you.

1. The main character is female.

2. The main character is generally not well-integrated into the world they're forced to live in for some reason, be it a physical or character trait.

3. The main character is sarcastic.

4. We end up in a Spanish-speaking country, or if in a high fantasy setting, the countries are multilingual and every person generally knows at least two languages.

5. The main character is resourceful and independent, and works for the greater good, but is never necessarily happy on a personal level.

6. Our main love interest is a good person, but the relationship is fatally flawed and doomed to failure, generally because one cannot live in the other's world. This is generally left unresolved or leads to a parting of the ways, rather than an unrealistic happily-ever-after. At times, there will be a second love interest that is more suitable to the character who appears after the first relationship has ended, and the main character will decide to build a life with them. But it will not hold the same whirlwind passion of the first.

7. Parents and family, and sometimes even friends, are scarce or non-existent (missing or dead), or not very supportive or helpful, giving the main character a sort of isolated, lone wolf quality.

8. Somewhere within the novel, a character or several characters will be reading.

9. Worldbuilding will be reminiscent of Spain, rather than Britain.

10. Someone will lose consciousness at some point.