Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watch that Ball Roll!

As of Tuesday, I have two more projects for Capstone. Two more snake books! I'm excited, they are really neat animals to research.

I did a little count, and discovered that with the four snake books and the Tarot book, I am going to be published 5 times in 2011. Probably not a staggering number for someone like Stephen King, but I'm awed and grateful.

In other news, I've reluctantly decided to submit Once Bitten for the Golden Hearts award. I've decided I've gotten too much out of the habit of novel writing/submitting/looking for an agent, etc. I love the kids' books, and so far nonfiction has been very good to me, but I do like my big, long, epic stories. We'll see how Golden Hearts goes.

In other, other news, my wonderful teacher Lyda pointed me in the direction of her tax person. Apparently, I am now a small business, and need to start running this writing thing that way. That's almost more frightening than the Golden Hearts contest.

Still, I am excited to see what the future brings.

Here's hoping for more opportunities to come!


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