Monday, January 11, 2010


Carrie said she liked my edits. I'm glad. I'm not sure if I see the layout again or not before it goes to press, but Stock Cars is definitely very close to being done.

No word yet on Tarot Within Sight, but I think its publish date is Spring 2011, so there are probably just a few people ahead of us in line.

Still no Pavillion. I seem to remember it taking about a month to get the Dell, but I'll check in at Smartie Computers anyway just to see what's going on (I think I'm now the crazy/hysterical lady with the red Dell who calls all the time. Just kidding, they're very understanding).

Tomorrow (or next week, depending), I get to go talk taxes with my CPA. Now that I get paid to write I need to *gulp!* figure out how much the FED wants from my labors! (For the uninitiated, publishers don't generally take taxes out of your payment/royalty checks. You have to try to figure out what to withhold on your own. I want to be ahead of the game. Royalties, which I will be making in 2011, can be especially tricky.)

In other news, Shaula's making all kinds of neat hats for the homeless! Check it out at the 2010 Hat Project (I think it might be linked to my blog somewhere).


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