Saturday, October 10, 2009

Perfectionism is the Enemy of Creativity

Nathan Fillion is currently portraying an author named Richard Castle in a TV series called Castle. Castle is a mystery writer who is shadowing a real detective to use her as his newest bestselling character Nikki Heat. I really enjoy the show. It's funny, just a little campy, and very sweet, with some mystery and grisly murders thrown in for spice. Every once in a while, he even says something insightful about writers.

A week ago when I was watching an episode (those who know me, think DVD - we all know Melanie hates commercials and only gets home at 8 PM), Castle said something to the effect of: "perfectionism is the enemy of creativity."

Before he'd finished the sentence, I'd shouted out "fear!" as my best guess for what stops creativity (yes, I shout at my TV. You ever been to a movie with me?). But, as I've thought about it and been stumped, STUMPED on chapter six of Tarot Within Sight, I've decided his answer was better. When you're writing and every other word you type, your head is saying, "No, that's wrong!" it really kills the mojo.

But, as they say, we shall overcome!


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