Friday, September 25, 2009

Whatever Happened to My Novel?

Recently, I did a Tarot spread with Nance that I like to call "Burnout" (or The Falling Star, for those of you who are romantically inclined), and I came to the realization that, despite the amount of work I'm doing on the two projects I have and am getting paid for, what I'm working on isn't really what I'd consider my stuff.

I also realized that I haven't worked on my stuff since March, about the last time I saw the business end of a treadmill. Or a pool. Or anything else I continue to pay the YMCA for.

So, last night, I started working on my stuff again, very briefly. It's hard to get back into. My brain has completely switched gears toward non-fiction. But I feel it's important for my sanity to let some of the voices in my head out to play.

In other news, the next 3 chapters will be ready within the next day or two for our reviewers for Tarot Within Sight, and I'm in the final revision stages of Stock Cars before it goes to the historical consultant and then into layout.

Chapter 6 is in my inbox to download, outline, and write.

Work, work, WORK!


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Suzi said...

Celebrating your writing "my stuff'!
breathing w/ you Mel ...